Introducing Corio, a modern, solar-powered light redefining residential outdoor illumination. Featuring a sleek, wall-mounted design, smart day/night and motion sensors, and four intelligent lighting modes. With a single charge providing up to 7 nights of light, Corio combines architectural aesthetics, easy installation, and reliable performance, making home lighting convenient and effective.
Home Lighting
Meet Corio, a sleek, solar-powered lighting solution designed for the modern homeowner.

Combining style, convenience, and smart technology, Corio redefines residential outdoor lighting, making it as easy as it is effective.

Modern Design Meets Smart Lighting
Corio's sleek, cylindrical design stands out with a sense of architectural sophistication. Built to be wall-mounted, it serves as an ideal addition to your porch or flanking your front door. The Corio light not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also illuminates your surroundings with a practical, cable-free design.

Self-Sustaining and Easy to Install
Say goodbye to wires, cables, and calling in the electricians. Being solar-powered, Corio is easy to install, even by those with minimal DIY experience. Enjoy the simplicity of a lighting solution that harnesses the sun's energy, delivering you consistent brightness without needing to tap into your home's power supply.

Intelligent Lighting for Optimal Performance
Corio incorporates a built-in day/night sensor and a PIR motion sensor, providing smart illumination precisely when you need it. It also features four intelligent modes for versatile use, including dimmed lighting till dawn, dimmed lighting until motion is detected, light off until motion detection, and continuous full brightness till dawn.

Reliable and Energy Efficient
After a full solar charge, the Corio offers seven nights of operation, ensuring your home is well-lit even on the cloudiest days. The reliability of this light, coupled with its energy efficiency, makes it a superior choice for sustainable outdoor lighting.

Experience the Corio Difference
Elevate your outdoor lighting with the Corio wall-mounted light. Its contemporary design, cable-free installation, intelligent features, and reliable operation combine to deliver an unmatched lighting experience. Illuminate your surroundings with Corio, and experience the difference a smart, modern light can make.
Charging Time:
Battery Capacity:

1000 lm

Colour Temp:
IP/IK Rating:
190 lm/w
Zero Power
Osram LEDs
Heated Battery
Long Lasting
Eco Friendly