Meet the Corona, a cylindrical solar-powered wall light available in black and white. With a stylish design, 60 lumens of light output, 4500K lighting temperature, and an 8-hour charging time, it offers effortless installation and dependable performance. Its IP44 ingress protection adds to its durability. Experience the elegance and functionality of the Corona, a reasonably priced lighting solution that doesn’t compromise on style or efficiency.
Home Lighting

Meet the Corona, an embodiment of sleek simplicity and functionality, offering a solar-powered lighting solution for those seeking elegance and efficiency.

Its design echoes architectural grace, and with black and white colour options, it's a versatile choice for enhancing your outdoor spaces.

Contemporary Aesthetics with Practical Functionality
Corona's cylindrical design is both eye-catching and adaptable, fitting seamlessly alongside your entrance or on the exterior walls. Its 4500K light temperature and 60 lumens of output create a welcoming ambiance that enriches your property's aesthetics. A compact yet powerful light, Corona effortlessly combines design with utility.

Effortless Installation and Solar Efficiency
Solar-powered and cable-free, Corona offers the gift of simplicity, allowing even those with little DIY experience to install it. With an 8-hour charging time, it transforms sunlight into sustainable energy, providing a convenient and eco-friendly lighting solution. The absence of cables or the need for an electrician makes it a practical and economical choice.

Dependable Performance with Intelligent Design
Corona's IP44 ingress protection ensures durability, safeguarding against dust and water splashes. Its moderate lighting output and colour temperature make it an ideal choice for softer, more ambient illumination. Designed to offer consistent and reliable performance, Corona is a smart investment for those seeking style without sacrificing functionality.

Discover the Elegance of the Corona
The Corona wall light stands as a testament to modern design, sustainability, and convenience. Whether in black or white, its elegant cylindrical shape, solar efficiency, and reliable performance offer an attractive and sensible lighting solution. Choose Corona to illuminate your outdoor areas with grace and simplicity, and appreciate the harmony of form and function.
Charging Time:
Battery Capacity:

60 lm

Colour Temp:
IP/IK Rating:
100 lm/w
Zero Power
Heated Battery
Long Lasting
Eco Friendly