Sion Light Fitting ImageSion Light Fitting ImageSion Light Fitting ImageSion Light Fitting Image
Sion Light Fitting ImageSion Light Fitting ImageSion Light Fitting ImageSion Light Fitting Image


An embodiment of historical charm and modern technology. Echoing the aesthetic of 18th-century European street lamps, this 3000-lumen, pole-mounted light offers comprehensive 360-degree illumination. Featuring integrated daylight and 5-meter motion sensors, the Sion offers energy efficiency and enhanced safety. Suitable for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces like pedestrian areas, college campuses, and driveways, the Sion uniquely merges classic design with innovative technology for an enchanting outdoor lighting experience.
up to 12,000lm
Street Lighting, Home Lighting
Presenting the Sion Solar Powered Amenity Light, an enchanting blend of historical elegance and contemporary technology.

Reflecting the charm of 18th-century European street lamps, the Sion brings classic aesthetics into modern lighting solutions. Ideal for pedestrian areas, university campuses, driveways, and walkways, the Sion is a testament to timeless design meeting advanced technology.

Historical Elegance with Powerful Illumination
The Sion Amenity Light radiates an impressive 3000 lumens, providing even, downward 360-degree light distribution. This vintage-inspired design ensures ample lighting for your outdoor spaces, fostering an inviting and safe environment that beautifully marries the past and present.

Smart Sensing in a Classic Design
Equipped with an integrated daylight and 5-meter motion sensor, the Sion Amenity Light intelligently adapts to its surroundings. As daylight fades, the light comes alive, increasing in intensity when motion is detected within its range, providing enhanced security while maintaining energy efficiency.

Classical Charm for Modern Applications
With its design drawn from 18th-century European street lamps, the Sion Amenity Light seamlessly complements various environments. Its classic aesthetic brings a touch of history and sophistication to pedestrian areas, college campuses, driveways, and more, enhancing visual appeal while significantly improving safety and visibility.

Timeless Durability Meets Modern Innovation
Constructed to endure the elements, the Sion Amenity Light guarantees reliable performance. Its robust structure withstands harsh weather conditions, making it a durable and attractive choice for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Experience the Intersection of History and Future
Experience the Sion Solar Powered Amenity Light and usher in a new era of aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and effective outdoor illumination. Combining high-powered, 360-degree lighting with intelligent sensing technology and a vintage-inspired design, the Sion stands as a beacon of where history and future can intersect in design. Illuminate your world with the Sion and bring a touch of classic elegance to your outdoor lighting.
Charging Time:
Battery Capacity:

3000 lm

Colour Temp:
IP/IK Rating:
5700 K
190 lm/w
Zero Power
Osram LEDs
Heated Battery
Long Lasting
Eco Friendly
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